Unlock the Power of Cryptocurrency: From Beginner to Security Expert

Dive deep into the crypto world with 15+ hours of expert-led tutorials covering everything from basics to advanced security with ‘The Vault’.


I am committed to your satisfaction and confident in the value of my courses. Therefore, I offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Unlock the Power of Crypto with Confidence

Why Choose This Course? Discover a comprehensive journey into cryptocurrency, designed for absolute beginners yet enriched with expert-level security insights. Benefit from a unique blend of fundamental learning and advanced protection strategies:


  • 📚 Fundamental to Advanced Learning: From blockchain basics to securing digital assets, gain clear and simplified explanations, supplemented by practical exercises.

  • 💬 Personalized, Unlimited Support: Leverage one-on-one Zoom support for the first 6 months, ensuring guidance at every step.

  • ⏳ Learn on Your Terms: Enjoy lifetime access to progress at your own pace and revisit content as the crypto landscape evolves.


Exclusive Course Benefits: Elevate your learning experience with tools and resources specifically tailored to jumpstart your crypto journey:

  • 🔒 Tangem Wallet & 🛡️ Proprietary Security Software: Kickstart your journey with a free Tangem hardware wallet and exclusive access to BetterHumanz’s security software, fortifying your crypto transactions.

  • 🌐 Custom Web3 Domains: Secure your digital identity with a complimentary web3 domain, positioning you at the forefront of the digital evolution.

  • 📚 Skool.com Access: Deepen your learning with full access to all paid BetterHumanz Learnpad content, enhancing your understanding and application of crypto knowledge.


Empowerment Through Education: This course isn’t just a learning path—it’s a gateway to confidently navigating and securing your cryptocurrency investments. Whether you’re curious about the crypto world or aiming to safeguard your digital assets, ‘Cryptocurrency for Absolute Beginners’ equips you with the knowledge, tools, and skills for a secure and informed journey.

Bonus Security Course valued at $99

Never lose your Crypto Never get Scammed

Frequently Asked Questions

BetterHumanz stands out by offering personalized one-on-one Zoom support for the first six months of your cryptocurrency learning journey. Whenever you need a bit more help, guidance is just a scheduled call away. Plus, an AI assistant provides round-the-clock access to an extensive library of video tutorials, ensuring you have support whenever you need it, making our courses uniquely interactive and responsive to your learning pace.

Absolutely. Our course is crafted for absolute beginners, ensuring you start with the fundamentals and gradually build up to more advanced topics. With a curriculum that respects your learning curve, we’ll guide you through every step of your crypto journey.

Our one-on-one Zoom support is designed to give you personalized assistance. Once enrolled, you can schedule these calls at your convenience over the first six months to discuss course material, clarify doubts, or delve deeper into complex topics.

The Tangem Wallet is a cutting-edge hardware wallet that plays a pivotal role in our course. It’s used extensively throughout our curriculum to teach you about secure cryptocurrency transactions and management, ensuring you gain practical, hands-on experience with top-tier security practices.

Beyond the personalized Zoom calls, you’re supported by our AI assistant. This digital helper is ready anytime to direct you to relevant video tutorials, expanding your learning beyond live interactions. The BetterHumanz Skool Community is an incredible place to learn and hang out with like minded people. HERE

You will have lifetime access to the course materials. As the crypto space evolves, so will our course, with continuous updates and new material added. Your learning journey will stay current with the latest in cryptocurrency.

Yes, our course is designed to be accessible on any device, allowing you to learn whenever and wherever it’s convenient for you.

Our course is specifically tailored for those new to both technology and finance. We start with the very basics, ensuring a gentle introduction to the world of cryptocurrency, and provide all the foundational knowledge you need to progress confidently at your own pace.

Yes, as part of our course, you gain access to an exclusive Skool community. This platform connects you with like-minded individuals, facilitating discussions, support, and shared learning experiences in a dynamic and engaging environment. You will also have access to Paid Content on the BetterHumanz Learnpad at HERE.

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the course within the first 30 days, you can request a refund. The Tangem Wallet must be returned in its original condition for a full refund.

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