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1. One-on-one Zoom call sessions. 2. A trained AI Assistant 3. Free Digital Hardware wallet. My goal is to ensure you are fully equipped to navigate the cryptocurrency space. You can schedule a Zoom call whenever you feel the need. It is important to me you have enough knowledge to feel confident in the crypto world. I have trained an AI assistant for this specific course. Anytime during the course or even after you have completed the course you can ask Summer the (AI Assistant) to help you solve any questions you have or even provide you with a video tutorial on something specific you would like to know. Security is vital in crypto. I have provided you with the best crypto hardware wallet available called Tangem. Please make sure to provide your correct shipping address so I can send this incredible secure digital wallet to you. There is a complete guide in this course on how to set up the Tangem wallet.
Get Prepared
Set up a Coinbase account where we will be purchasing crypto later in this course.
Understanding the Basics of crypto
How Cryptocurrencies Work, Blockchain explained in simple term, Public and private keys, Popular Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and a few other major players, The difference between coins and tokens
Security 101 – The Seed phrase
Your seed phrase is the key to your crypto. It is the first step to learning about crypto security. Let's get comfortable with how it works and how we use it.
Transactions – Further Understanding
Sending and Receiving Cryptocurrency Understanding fees Walkthrough: Making a basic transaction Confirmations and why they matter What's happening behind the scenes during a transaction?
Storing Your Crypto (Software Wallets)
I will walk you through setting up and becoming familiar with software wallets. There is no "One Size Fits All" when it comes to crypto wallets, so I will show you what I use and why.
Navigating the Broader Crypto Ecosystem
Exploring Altcoins What's out there beyond Bitcoin and Ethereum? Risks and rewards of diversifying Using Decentralized Platforms An intro to DeFi (Decentralized Finance) Basic guide to NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens)
Web3 Domains – The Future of Online Identity and Transactions
Welcome to this module on Web3 Domains, a vital component of our comprehensive course on modern digital technologies. In this module, we'll delve into the revolutionary world of Web3 domains – an integral part of the blockchain universe that is redefining our concept of digital identity and online transactions. Discover the uniqueness of Web3 domains like .crypto, .eth, and more, which offer a stark contrast to traditional domain names. We'll explore how these blockchain-based assets empower users with full control and ownership, a feature absent in conventional internet domains. You'll learn about the versatility of Web3 domains, how they simplify and secure cryptocurrency transactions, and their role in fostering a decentralized and censorship-resistant online environment. This module will also cover different types of Web3 domains, including Ethereum Name Service (ENS) and Unstoppable Domains, discussing their specific features and advantages. By the end of this module, you'll have a clear understanding of the significance of Web3 domains in the digital landscape, equipped with the knowledge to utilize them effectively for personal or professional purposes. Embrace this journey into Web3 domains, where we unravel the future of digital identity and transactions in the evolving internet era.
What’s Next? Continuing Your Crypto Journey
Staying Updated in a Fast-Paced World Recommended news sources and communities Exploring Further: Smart Contracts, DApps, and more What they are and why they might matter in the future
Resources & Glossary
Recommended resources for further learning Glossary of common terms
Cryptocurrency for Beginners to Advanced
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You have full access to one-on-one Zoom call support with me anytime.

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“Zoom Support Calls Anytime” emphasizes the importance of personalized learning and support in the context of cryptocurrency education. The instructor, with years of experience in teaching and training, recognizes the varying learning capabilities of individuals and the critical role of understanding the fundamentals in the crypto world.

The lesson underscores that whether one is a fast or slow learner, having access to support is crucial, especially in an area as complex and dynamic as cryptocurrency. The instructor reassures students that it’s better to seek assistance and be safe than to risk potential losses or misunderstandings due to lack of knowledge.

A key point in the lesson is the encouragement for students to book a Zoom call for support, regardless of the complexity of their queries. The instructor stresses the availability of this personalized support, ensuring that students have the necessary help whenever they need it. This approach highlights a commitment to providing comprehensive and accessible educational support to ensure students’ success and confidence in navigating the crypto landscape.


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