Unlock Your Crypto Potential: The Ultimate Mentorship Package Awaits

From Beginner to Advanced, Secure Your Crypto Journey with Expert Guidance and Innovative Tools + Revenue

  • Courses:
    Cryptocurrency for Beginners to Advanced.
    The Comprehensive Guide to Crypto Security: Mastering “The Vault” and Beyond.
    Seed Phrase Mastery.
  • Support:
    Zoom call support with an exclusive calendar scheduler. Direct contact through skool.com, Private Discord.
  • Exclusive:
    “The Vault” Security Backup software developed by Shayne Shiells (BetterHumanz)
  • Revenue:
    BetterHumanz Referral Revenue shared between NFT holders. Monthly Crypto Payments.
  • Crypto Wallet
    Tangem Crypto Hardware Wallet. Passport Grade Security.
  • Services:
    Marketing System, with landing pages, AI Assistants, and Custom QR Codes.
    Extended Education:
    AI, E-commerce, Graphics, Video, Animation.


Courses Overview

Education is the key to your Crypto Success.


  • Cryptocurrency for Beginners to Advanced $299.00
    15hrs of lessons
    Security course valued at $99.00
    Free Tangem Hardware wallet valued at $69.00
    The Vault – Advanced version
    Free web3 FIO handles
    AI Tutorial library access.
    Zoom Call Support.


  • The Comprehensive Guide to Crypto Security: Mastering “The Vault” and Beyond $99.00
    6hrs of lessons
    The Vault – Advanced version
    Ai Tutorial library access.
    Zoom Call Support


  • Seed Phrase Mastery mini course $25.00
    4hrs of lessons
    The Vault – Free version

Support Systems

Support will fast track your Learning Curve


Zoom Call Support: Schedule personal Zoom calls on your own calendar, at your convenience. Direct, one-on-one support tailored to your crypto journey.

Private Messaging and Community Q&A: Direct access to me for private messaging or join vibrant discussions in our exclusive Skool.com community at BetterHumanz. A space where learning and sharing go hand in hand.

Exclusive Discord Access: Become part of our private Discord server, where you can connect, get support, and share insights with fellow crypto enthusiasts and learners.

AI-Powered Video Tutorial Library: Meet Summer, your AI Assistant. Stuck on something or looking for specific advice? Just ask Summer. With an ever-expanding library of detailed video tutorials, you’re covered on all fronts.

Monthly Revenue

Unlock Revenue with Unique NFTs: Each purchase of the Crypto Mentor Package grants you a special NFT, which isn’t just a piece of digital art but a gateway to earning regular revenue.

Earn from Real-world Products: Your NFT ties into real earnings from BetterHumanz’s referral agreements. Enjoy a share of the profits from sales of products like Tangem wallets and the “Ultimo” crypto debit card with an offshore account, among others.

50% Profit Sharing Pool: We commit half of all referral earnings to a profit-sharing pool exclusively for NFT holders, ensuring you benefit directly from the success of our recommended products.

Claim Your Earnings Easily: Connect your crypto wallet to our smart contract to claim your share of the earnings. Whether monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly, we ensure a streamlined process for you to receive your profits.

Transparent and Timely Payouts: Stay informed with regular updates on when the pool is replenished. Claim your earnings at defined intervals, with full transparency on the payout schedule and amounts.

Join an Exclusive Community: Becoming an NFT holder not only opens revenue streams but also integrates you into a community of like-minded individuals passionate about cryptocurrency and innovation.

Support and Grow with BetterHumanz: Your participation directly contributes to the expansion of the BetterHumanz ecosystem, helping us introduce more products and opportunities to the community.

The Vault