Trade Pass (For MasterPass owners)




NFT TradePass Project

The NFT TradePass project offers a unique and high-risk, high-reward investment opportunity, aiming to maximize profits through early investments in risky but potentially lucrative projects. Here’s what you need to know:

  • High-Risk, High-Return Strategy: Investing in meme coins and long-term crypto projects with the potential for 5-100x returns.
  • Exclusive Access for MasterPass Owners: MasterPass NFT holders get a TradePass NFT for free by adding $250.00 to the trading pool.
  • Open to New Investors: Non-MasterPass NFT holders can purchase the TradePass NFT for $500.00, with $250.00 going into the trading pool, $50.00 to the smart contract developer, and $200.00 as the entry fee.
  • Supplementary Trading Account: The $200.00 entry fee from new investors will be used in a separate trading account to support the MasterPass NFT revenue + Trading pool if needed.
  • Monthly Investment Window: TradePass NFTs are available for purchase only in the first week of each month to ensure fair profit distribution.
  • Reinvestment Option: NFT holders can choose to reinvest their monthly profits into a separate portfolio for long-term crypto projects with high growth potential.
  • Transparent Tracking: An app tracks all NFT holders and monthly profits, with plans for a live page for real-time updates.
  • Private Discord Access:

After you purchase this NFT, you will be sent instructions on how to proceed.